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      Infant Unisex
      Size NB 6M 12M 18M 24M
      Age(Months) 0-3M 3-6M 6-12M 12-18M 18-24M
      Weight(LBS) 8-10 11-16 17-20 21-24 25-27


      Toddler Unisex
      Size 2 3 4 5/6 7
      Weight(LBS) 28-30 30-33 34-39 39-49 50-55


      Youth Unisex
      Weight(LBS) 36-45 45-54 54-72 72-90 90-110
      Numeric Size 2-4 6-8 10-12 14-16 18-20


      Youth Girls
      Weight(LBS) 28-40 40-55 55-70 70-85 85-100
      Numeric Size 2-4 5-6 7-8 9-10 11-12


      Mens Adult/Unisex
      Size XS S M L XL 2X 3X 4X 5X 6X
      Chest 32"-34" 34"-36" 38"-40" 42"-44" 46"-48" 50"-52" 54"-56" 58"-60" 62"-64" 66"-68"
      Ladies' Classic & Modern
      Bust 30"-32" 32"-34" 34"-36" 36"-40" 40"-44" 44"-48" 48"-52"      
      Numeric 0-2 2-4 6-8 8-10 12-14 16-18 20-22      
      Ladies' Fitted
      Bust   30"-31" 32"-33" 34"-35" 36"-38" 39"-41"        
      Numeric   0-3 5-7 7-9 11-13 13-15        


      Ladies' Curvy
      Size 1 2 3 4
      Bust 44"-46" 46"-48" 48"-50" 50"-54"
      Numeric Size 14-16 18-20 22-24 26-28



      Color/Print Variations from Display image

      Please note actual colors may vary.  It’s important to note that they may look different on a real product than what you see on your computer monitor.  This is due to the fact that every computer monitor has a different capability to display colors and that everyone sees these colors differently.

      Design Sizes

      All of our images used on our websites are digital mockups made using the original print files.  Digital mockups are a standard practice with all online t-shirt companies.  Some of our customers do post pics on our Facebook page wearing our products.  Designs with intricate designs and colors will be printed using our  White Toner Printer/Sublimation are the same size and may look bigger or smaller depending on the size of the shirts.  Vinyl designs will adjust depending on the size of the shirts.  You will also find minor variations when a design is printed on fabric.  When placing your order, you are acknowledging this fact and waive any claim of dissatisfaction due to variability between display image and product.

       Vinyl/White Toner/ Sublimation Design(Sizing & Placement Chart)

                  Shirt Size     Design Size     Placement

      Infant                                                                                                                                     0-3M              3"-4"              1" below neckline                                                   3-6M              3"-4"              1" below neckline                                                   6-9M              4"-5"              1" below neckline                                                     12M              4"-6"              1" below neckline                                   Toddler                                                                                                                                  18M              4"-5"               1" below neckline                                                      2T               4"-5"               1" below neckline                                                      3T               5"-6"               1" below neckline                                                      4T               5"-6"               1" below neckline                                  Youth 

                    X-Small             6.5"                1.5"-2" below neckline                                            Small             7.0"                1.5"-2" below neckline                                        Medium              7.5"               1.5"-2" below neckline                                            Large             8.0"                1.5"-2" below neckline                                       X-Large             8.5"               1.5"-2" below neckline                        Adult              

                      X-Small              8.5"                 3" below neckline                                       Small-Large            9"-9.5"              3" below neckline                                                       2X             10.5"                3" below neckline                                                       3X              11"                  3" below neckline                                                        4X              11.5"               3" below neckline                          

      V/Scoop Neck:                                          1.5" below neckline

      Aprons                                10"                  5" below neckline     

      Infant Bibs                          4"                    1.5" below neckline 

      Infant Blanket                    7"x 7"               Corner of Blanket

      Tote Bags

       Medium                               9"x9"               3.25" below top                               Large                                  10"x10"            3.50" below top



      We carry a big assortment of quality vinyls and colors. If you don't see a color just let us know and we will try and get it. All of our vinyls will be available for face Mask, tote Bags and aprons. Vinyls are used on lettering and vector(lines) designs.  Some designs that have multiple colors and artwork cannot be done in vinyl.  We will be adding that to the description.

      Hologram vinyl creates a stunning, reflective rainbow effect.  This is available for face mask, tote bags, aprons and children tees.

      Liquid Metallic Vinyl gives a liquid chrome effect when applied.  Ultra-soft texture that is flexible, stretchy and melts onto the fabric. This is one of our popular type and will be available for face mask, tote bags, aprons and all shirts.

      Metallic Vinyl gives a nice pearlescent metallic sheen with vibrant colors.  This does have a texture to it.  This will be available on face mask, tote bags and aprons as well as select items.

      Glitter Vinyl adds sparkle and shine and is lightly textured.  This will be available on all items we carry. 

      White Toner/Sublimation

      Artwork designs will be printed on our white toner printer and we are currently expanding into sublimation.  White Toner shirts last 50-60 washes if care instructions are followed and Sublimation designs will last the life of the shirt.

      Care Instructions

      For best results 

      • Machine wash cold
      • Wash garment inside out
      • Do not use bleach or dry clean
      • Hang to dry or tumble dry low
      • Do not iron on design or vinyl