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      Local Artist Liz Capalingo

      Local Artist Liz Capalingo
      Hello I am Elizabeth Capalingo 22 years old. I grew up in North Canton. I moved around a lot, new schools, new people and new friends A Lot has come and gone in my life but the one thing that has always stuck around is art in my life. Since I was 6 years old I would finger paint. When I got to the age 10 I really got into sketching. I would draw five to ten drawings daily. As I became a teenager I got into graffiti and spray paint art work. As I grew into my adult years I mostly sketched, did some tattoo designs and got into digital art work as well. I mostly work with black and white art, goofy cartoons, and tattoo inspired art as well. You never know what to expect with my art, it's always a surprise. I am currently a local Cleveland artist. No matter how many years have gone by from finger painting, sketching, spray painting,glass blowing,digital art and more, I've always had art with me. It is my passion and my lifestyle. If you also have a passion for art please check out my instagram lizsart.  Akron pride does not own the work of the artist but we do have permission to use.